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    RUSU to campaign for lower coffee prices at University outlets


      I would like to propose for RUSU to campaign to lower coffee prices at University outlets. All around the University there are facilities that allow students and staff to purchase hot beverages. However, I think that the prices of these products are very high and make it unaffordable for some students. If you are on campus for a long day and plan to buy a few cups of coffee and some food, it is easy to spend at least £10 a day. This could lead to you spending £50 per week, or even more. </p>


      The cheapest coffee I have found available is a 'regular' coffee, in your own cup, which costs £2.30. I propose that RUSU campaign to lower the prices of the hot drinks to ensure value for money per portion size for students.

    Euan Carmichael
    1:35pm on 22 Jan 19 I would have to agree! It is tough to get through a day on campus whilst keeping within a student budget. Also, my friend also found what appeared to be a coffee machine cleaning tablet in a coffee from the Starbucks on campus. This was very concerning.
    Annie Wood
    1:36pm on 22 Jan 19 I have to admit that the pricing of coffee on campus is not in proportion to the amount of coffee you get in the cup. I regularly bring my own campus coffee cup and pay for a regular coffee. On more than one occasion my cup has been not even half full which means you end up buying two coffees instead of one. As a barista, I understand that regular and large pricing reflects the difference in coffee shots but I still feel that it would not be harmful to fully fill a cup with milk, as long as the customer doesn't state they would prefer a stronger coffee. I have started to buy my coffee off campus in my way to uni from Pret, who charge £1.95 for a large coffee in your own cup, which is a shame as it takes money away from the Uni.
    Joseph Forrest
    1:17pm on 23 Jan 19 I don't buy coffee on campus, but food prices are getting a lot more expensive on campus. In Park Bar, a standard pizza was £5.95 two years ago. Now it's £8.95!! That is a rip off and should be changed, enough people go to park bar and buy food to afford to charge less for food.
    Rusu President
    2:28pm on 28 Jan 19 Hi all, thanks for the feedback. In terms of specific incidents such as burnt coffee beans or lower portions, while I can query these at committees, it will be worth raising the issues at point of sale. Nevertheless, we will be discussing your comments and feedback further within RUSU! Thanks again, Jason
    Democracy & Policy Coordinator
    4:43pm on 18 Feb 19 This idea will be put forward to Student Voice as a Campaign idea. Come along to Student Voice on the 6th March 6-8pm in Monterey to have your say!



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