How do I submit an idea to Change It!?

Click here to submit an idea to Change It!. You'll need to log in before you can submit an idea.

What sort of ideas can I submit to Change It!?

You can submit almost any idea to Change It. Your ideas could be about changing the local community, improving the university or improving RUSU. Your idea could be about changing a small part of student life, or joining a national campaign – we want to be guided by what you want.

How long does it take for my idea to appear online?

Your idea will appear online no more than 24 hours after submission. If your idea does not appear online within this time, please email changeit@rusu.co.uk.

What do I do after I've submitted an idea?

After you've submitted your idea, you will receive an email giving details of the Change It process. This will give you details of the next Change It Ideas Feasibility Group meeting, where you can find your idea online, and how your idea will pass through the Student Voice process.

What happens to Change It ideas at Student Voice?

Student Voice will debate your idea and vote on whether it should go to an All Student Vote or not. All students can attend and speak for or against ideas at Student Voice, but only Student Voice Members can vote. To find out more about Student Voice, including when the next meeting will take place, click here.

Can I come to Ideas Feasibility Group Meetings if I haven't submitted an idea?

No, only students who have submitted an idea to Change It can attend these meetings. However, you can have your say on ideas submitted to Change It by attending Student Voice, where each idea will be debated by students.

What is the difference between policy and campaigns?

Policies are a set of rules and principles that guide the way that RUSU acts and operates, such as a Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment policy or a policy on animal cruelty. A campaign requires RUSU to lobby a person or organisation on behalf of students to change something for the better, e.g. campaigning to put a cap on halls prices. Campaigning often involves increased resources and different organisations.

Can I campaign during the voting period?

Yes! RUSU staff and the Full-Time Officer team will support you to promote your idea to other students. You will be given resources by RUSU which you can put to use should you wish to. You must note that campaigning negatively is against the rules.

What happens to ideas that win a Change It! vote?

If an idea wins a Change It Policy Vote, it will become RUSU policy for two years. After two years, it will be reviewed by the RUSU Policy & Procedures Committee who will see if it is still relevant to the organisation and make a decision about it accordingly.

If an idea wins a Change It Campaign Vote, it will become a RUSU campaign for two years. This means that it is a priority for the student body and that the RUSU Officers have to work on it for two years or until change is achieved.

How do I vote in Change It!?

Click here to find out how to vote in Change It!

Who do I contact if I have feedback about Change It!?

If you have feedback about Change It!, please contact RUSU President at president@rusu.co.uk.

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