How Change It! Works

You might be wondering how Change It works! Don’t fret, it’s actually pretty simple. The following explains what happens to your ideas after submission.

Students submit idea online

Ideas are displayed at for all students to see and comment.

Idea is checked for clarity

Idea goes to Ideas Feasibility Group (IFG)

IFG will send the idea in one of five directions; Action, Campaign, Policy, Reject or Referendum.

IFG decisions are sent to RUSU's Trustee Board for comment

Agreed campaign/policy ideas go to Student Voice

Student Voice will vote to pass or reject campaign and policy ideas. Student Voice may also amend ideas.

Passed ideas go to an all student vote

Students vote on campaigns and policy ideas. In a campaign vote, ideas compete against each other. The two ideas that win the vote (and pass quorum) are successful. In a policy vote, an unlimited number of policies can pass in the same voting period.

Successful ideas become a campaign/policy for two years or until achieved

Progress made towards passed ideas are checked at Student Officer Scrutiny during Student Voice meetings.

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