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A Celebration of Cultures, Creativity, and Community

New for 2018/19 – Over the summer, your RUSU Diversity Officer 2018/19, Nozomi Tolworthy ???, has worked with members of staff at RUSU to develop her ‘inclusivity media campaign’ idea on her manifesto, leading to the creation and launch of what you’re looking at now - Diversity Digest.

This website aims to be a showcase of you, the students studying here at the University of Reading.

Diversity Digest is a platform where students share their cultures, identities, traditions and celebrations with each other in creative ways. Building an easily accessible online community, the website is where RUSU culture and faith societies can announce events they are putting on throughout the year. It’s a platform where any student can send in articles, photographs, videos and recipes that represent them. Most importantly, Diversity Digest is a platform where students are celebrated for the events they organise, for the food they cook and for who they are.


A Taste of the World

If you’re feeling like cooking something different for dinner tonight, have a look at some student recipes we’ve published on Diversity Digest!


Discover a Home Away from Home

Students run a huge range of societies at RUSU, including culture and faith societies. Take a look at what you could join!


Get Busy

Clubs and societies at RUSU put on a variety of events every year, check out upcoming events you could get involved with here