Elections Budget Guidelines

What is my campaign budget for?

Your campaign budget is to be used to pay for any materials you create for your campaign e.g. campaign banners, t-shirts, posters etc.

How much am I allowed to spend?

The budget limits for candidates to spend on campaign materials are as follows:

Full-time Officer positions £50.00
Part-time Officer positions £15.00
Student Trustee positions £10.00
NUS National Conference Delegate positions £10.00

What do I need to be aware of when completing my expenses claim?

  • You must account for everything you buy by keeping your receipts.
  • All t-shirts bought by candidates will be charged at £1 regardless of purchase price.
  • Decoration of t-shirts should be costed separately.
  • Drawing pins and sticky tack do not need to be included in your budget.
  • If you use an item during your campaign that you already own this must be included in your budget at the cost that you bought it for.
  • You cannot part-charge an item. If you buy a multipack you will be charged for the full price of the item.

How do I claim for my expenses?

  • When buying your campaign materials - make sure you keep receipts for every item you buy!
  • Complete an Expenses Claim Form any attached all receipts which should show proof of purchase and prices of items. You can download a form or ask for a copy at RUSU Reception.
  • Hand in to RUSU Reception by deadline date stated in your election timeline.
  • Candidates who do not spend anything during their campaign are still required to submit an expenses claim form showing they didn’t spend any money.
  • Candidates, who fail to submit a completed Expenses Claim Form or overspend, may be disqualified.

Where can I get some help/advice?

Any questions should be emailed to elections@rusu.co.uk.


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