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Change It! Campaign Vote - Summer 2020

At Student Voice (on Zoom) held on 12th May 2020, it was decided to send 4 ideas to an All Student Campaign Vote. Up to two campaigns can win. Campaign ideas must receive 200 or more ‘winning’ votes and the two campaign ideas which pass this threshold, and receive the highest (and second highest) number of votes, win. RUSU will work on the winning campaign(s) for two years, or until the campaign aim has been achieved, whichever is soonest.

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Which campaign? (2 places)

These campaign proposals are the ideas that Reading students have submitted to Change It in this round and decided by Student Voice to go to an All Student Vote.

RUSU to lobby for shorter halls contracts for residents with no summer term exams.

The problem I want to Change is: 

Currently the minimum number of weeks for halls of residence contracts is 38 weeks.   There are some students who do not have exams in the summer term and therefore may not want their rooms for 10+ weeks of the contract. 

This is a problem for students because:  

Students do not have the choice to have a room in halls of residence for only autumn and spring terms.  This causes students who do not require a room in the summer term to waste a lot of money on a room they do not need.   

To change this, I think RUSU should:  

Lobby the university to offer shorter halls contracts to students. 

This will help students because:  

It will make the student experience more attractive as it will be more affordable for the students’ concerned.

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