RUSU Referendum


Why has a referendum been called?

On Friday 2nd March 2018, RUSU received a secure petition signed by 400 students calling for a referendum on whether RUSU should support strike action by University Staff and UCU. RUSU is to hold a referendum on this issue.

What is a referendum?

A referendum is a ballot in which all Student Members of the Union are entitled to cast a vote. In a referendum students vote on ‘motions’ which usually come in the form of questions, e.g. “Should RUSU change its logo?”. A referendum can contain multiple motions to be voted on.

What is the question (or ‘motion’) to be voted on in this referendum?

In this referendum, students will be asked the following question:

Should RUSU support strike action by University Staff and UCU?

Students will be able to respond ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Abstain’.

What is quorum?

Quorum is the minimum number of votes that have to be cast in order for the referendum to be valid. In this referendum the quorum is 1000 votes.

Who can vote in the referendum?

All Student Members of the Union are eligible to vote in this referendum. If you think you should be able to vote in the referendum but are unable to do so please contact in the first instance.

How do I vote in the referendum?

Please see our guide on voting in the referendum for information on voting in the referendum.

What is an Agent?

When an issue being decided by a referendum is contested then two agents will be selected. Each agent will be responsible for running either the “Yes” vote campaign or the “No” vote campaign. The agent is essentially the lead campaigner of the “Yes” or “No” campaign.

What is a Campaigner?

A campaigner is a student who will work with the agent of the “Yes” or “No” campaign to persuade other students to vote one way or the other in the referendum.

How can I get involved in the “Yes” or “No” campaigns?

You can get involved in either campaign by putting yourself forward as a campaigner by emailing Please provide your contact details and whether you want to join the Yes or No campaign team.

What is an amendment?

An amendment, also known as an alternative proposal, suggests alternative wording to the question posed in the referendum. This allows other student members of RUSU to recommend changes to the referendum proposal.

Who can submit an amendment?

Any student can submit an amendment. Keep in mind that amendments must be directly related to the original proposal. The final decision as to whether to accept any amendments lies with the students who called the referendum.

Who do I speak to if I have a complaint during the referendum process?

We hope that you will be completely satisfied with our referendum process. Should you have a complaint we want to work with you to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. All complaints should be made in writing to

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