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What is a campaigner?

As a campaigner, you will support either the ‘No’ vote campaign or the ‘Yes’ vote campaign.

A campaigner is a student member who works with the Agent (Lead Campaigner) and other members of the “Yes” vote campaign or the “No” vote campaign.

Each campaign team will work to campaign for students to vote one way or the other in the referendum.

Do you feel strongly about the “Yes” or “No” case in this referendum? If yes, put yourself forward to become a campaigner today and get more actively involved in the referendum.

How much time will I spend on the campaign?

It is up to you! Your Agent will welcome as much or as little time you can offer to support the campaign.

The campaigning period will be published once the revised timeline has been created by the Elections Committee.

Speak with the Agent you’re working with about how you can support the campaign and how much time you can spend on the campaign. Always be mindful of your study and other commitments throughout the campaign period.

Effective campaigning can be done within your own student circle – just talking to students you know about the referendum and explaining the reasons why you think they should vote one way or the other is campaigning. Join a campaign team and let your Agent know how you can help!

Please note that only students can join campaign teams and campaign in the referendum. Campaign team members will also need to adhere to the Referendum Rules. Breach of the rules can result in a sanction for the campaign.

How do I put myself forward as a campaigner?

It’s easy! If you want to get involved in either the ‘Yes’ vote campaign or ‘No’ vote campaign, please email You will need to provide your full name, your student number and state which campaign team you wish to support (either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote campaign team).

We will respond to you by email, once the revised timeline has been created by the Elections Committee and Agents have been appointed on both sides, providing the contact details of the relevant campaign team Agent. You can then get in touch with them directly to offer your support and join the team!

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