I am a joint honours student; can I run for Course Rep?

Yes! If you are a joint honours student you can run to be a Course Rep on either and/or both of your course subjects. In some cases there may be a specific joint honours Course Rep role. If you think you should be eligible for a role but cannot nominate yourself, please email elections@rusu.co.uk.

What is a manifesto? For more information on how to write a manifesto

A manifesto is a term used to describe a short statement which tells people more about a candidate and what they want to achieve whilst holding an elected position. It tells students why they should vote for the candidate. It outlines aims and ideas and is an opportunity for candidates to tell students why they are the best person for the role.

How much time will I have to commit to the role of Course Rep?

Course Reps must complete introductory training at the start of their role; this will involve completing an online training module and attending a training event held in the Students’ Union building.

Course Reps will be expected to attend the Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) which is a meeting that takes place once per term and lasts around 1- 1½ hours.

As a Course Rep, you will put time aside to speak to students on your course to find gain feedback on teaching and learning matters and on support services which directly support the student learning experience. This is largely done by talking to students on your course in your day to day academic life.

In addition, the amount of time a Course Rep will have to commit to their role varies according to any extra training, events or campaigns they want to get involved in.

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