Freshers' Angels

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Here to help you settle in

Freshers’ Angels are enthusiastic and friendly student volunteers working to help new students to settle in, have fun, stay safe and enjoy all the opportunities available at university.

How they help

Acting as an information signpost and support network for new students, Angels give directions, answer questions and point students who need help to the appropriate services.

Freshers' Angels help students to settle in by providing encouragement and reassurance by sharing their university experiences.

Where to find them

During Welcome Week, the Angels can be found in halls, all of our Fayres, at Union events in the evening and wandering around University campus. They are easy to spot in their “Freshers’ Angels” t-shirts.

Questions & Volunteering

If you have any questions as a new student about the Freshers’ Angels, email our Welfare Officer Rose Lennon.

Keep in Touch

0118 378 4100

We'll be posting and tweeting plenty of useful information in the lead up to Welcome Week.