Bluebells: 2-3 years

Bluebells room is designed to take children aged from 18 months to three years, with a maximum capacity of 32. Bluebells is divided into two base rooms and has a staff ration of 1:3 for children under 2 years and a staff ration of 1:4 for children aged 2-3 years. However, Little Learners always aims to exceed this minimum requirement.

The Early Years Foundation Stage covers all areas of learning and is used to provide a framework to support children’s learning and development.

There are flexible areas between the two rooms including a dream cave for puzzles and games, an exciting art and craft area with a floor to ceiling window on which the children can be creative and imaginative, a role play area that changes depending on the children’s interests and a construction area equipped with both familiar and unfamiliar tools, construction kits and small world toys to extend their play. These activities are available throughout both rooms where a free flow approach is used enabling the children to move between the rooms freely. Free flow includes indoor and outdoor play. The children in Bluebells enjoy regular trips outside of the nursery. One of the Bluebells favourite walks is to the local shops where they can buy fruit and vegetables from the green grocers or stamps from the post office.

Partnership with parents is fundamental in the overall success of this unit and at all times staff members will work with parents to ensure the needs of their child are met. An excellent example of this is our Family Wall. Parents and children are asked to bring in photographs of who is in their family. These are displayed in the child’s base rooms and are available for the children to look at and discuss with their parents, peers and practitioners.

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