Poppies: 3-5 years

Poppies room is designed to take children aged from three to five years. Poppies have a maximum capacity of 32 children, with a ratio of 1:8 which is the legal requirement. However we always aim to exceed this minimum requirement.

The Early Years Foundation Stage covers six areas of learning and is used to provide a framework to support children’s learning and development. These areas are considered to be interrelated and the children should have a balance of learning experiences from each area. We aim to meet the individual needs of all children by personalising the children’s learning starting from their needs, interests and experiences.

There are large flexible areas within the room including a comfy library with soft chairs and pillows and a wide range of books, a large construction area with familiar and challenging activities and toys, an art and crafts area where the children can take part in many different types of activities including malleable activities, writing and drawing, different painting techniques, sticking, cutting, making models and many other lovely activities. The room and outside environment is designed to cover all 6 areas of learning. A free flow approach is adopted in this room enabling the children to move freely both indoors and outdoors.

The Poppies can often be seen out and about on campus. Recently the children were taking part in a transport topic and the children were identifying different modes of transport by visiting different parts of the campus.

Partnership with parents is fundamental in the overall success of this unit and at all times staff members will work with parents to ensure the needs of their child are met.


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