Week 3


AM Snack

Cream crackers and plum pieces

Raisins and pear pieces Mini bread sticks with dip and apple pieces Homemade biscuits and melon pieces Wholemeal toast and nectarine pieces

Lunch 1
Meat and fish free

Cheese Country Bake Vegetable Paella Broccoli and Cheese Wholemeal pasta Bake served with Garlic Bread Mushroom Chow Mein served with stir fried vegetables Mushroom Carbonara served with Garlic Bread

Lunch 2
Meat and fish based

Chicken Enchiladas served with Vegetables and Brown rice Lamb Bolognese served with Spaghetti Fish Crumble served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes and Vegetables Pork and Apple Curry served with Rice

Option 1

Banana Cake served with Custard

Peach and Pear Crumble served with Ice Cream

Sultana Sponge served with Custard

Apple and Raisin Turnover served with Cream

Apple Pikelets served with Cream


Option 2

Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit
PM Snack
Pitta slices with dip and peach pieces Cheese and cucumber cubes and grapes Cheese straws with dips and apple pieces Carrot sticks with dip and mango pieces Popcorn and banana

Option 1

Homemade Pizza with a choice of toppings

Flatbread served with Dips and Salad Sticks

Pitta Bread with an assortment of fillings served with Salad Sticks

Sandwiches with an assortment of fillings served with Salad Sticks

Tortilla’s with an assortment of fillings served with Salad Sticks


Option 2

Homemade Hot Chicken bites  served with salad sticks  Jacket Potato served with a selection of toppings and Salad

Scrambles Egg on Toast

Spanish Tortilla Beans on Toast
Tea Dessert Selection of fresh fruit, yoghurts and fruit compote with natural yoghurt. 


Endsleigh Insurance
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