Do You Have a Lettings Board Outside your Property?

If so you may be interested in RUSU’s most recent campaign to reduce the number of lettings boards in Reading.

Similar campaigns have been around for a number of years, as collaborative projects between the Students' Union and local residents. This year, RUSU has decided to be at the forefront of this campaign using our own lettings agency (which does not use boards), as an example of running a successful business without the use of signs.

RUSU is running this campaign because we believe:

  • Letting boards signpost student houses to potential burglars
  • They make the neighbourhood look untidy
  • The rate at which they are erected and the length of time in which they remain in place, stops students feeling at home in their property

We want students to feel welcomed and at home in Reading. We want you to feel safe, without  your house being flagged up to potential burglars, particularly with the signs that explicitly say ‘Student Properties’.

You can support this campaign by downloading our template letter and sending it to your landlord, to ask them to remove the sign.

Thank you for your support. Every letter sent, could really make a difference!

If you could email me a copy of the letter too I would really appreciate it.

Sophie Davies
RUSU Vice-President Welfare & Representation

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