Keeping your homes safe over the Christmas period

As the festive season approaches, we’re sure that you’re all starting to get excited about heading home. However, in the rush to get back for mince pies and home cooked dinners, it’s important not to forget about the security of your university home!

Follow these simple tips from Thames Valley Police, The University of Reading and RUSU to ensure you return to a safe and secure home in the New Year:

  • Always make sure that all windows and doors are locked
  • Locking your bedroom door can deter a burglar from looking further
  • Always keep valuables out of sight (e.g. phones, laptops)
  • Don’t leave notes on the door saying that you’re out or away
  • Never let strangers into the house without checking their ID
  • Don’t ‘signpost’ your house as a student house where electronics are more likely to be found
  • Don’t leave empty packaging outside on display
  • Get a good quality lock for your bike and make sure it’s out of sight if you’re not taking it home.


Do you have a Lettings board outside your student house?

Some of you may still have a ‘To Let’ board displayed outside your home. RUSU are working with Reading Borough Council to encourage lettings agents and landlords to take these down, as they can often signpost student homes to potential burglars.

If you’d like a lettings board removed from outside your student property, you can download and fill in this letter template to send to your landlord or agent. 

If you’d like any further information on housing, why not get in touch with our specialist Advice Service?