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RUSU £1m Capital Fund - Lockers Now Available!

Update: 25/01/18


  1. The Study (25)
  2. Edith Morley (28)

The lockers are free of charge; however, a £5 deposit for the operator card is required.

  1. Come to RUSU Reception and request an available locker. Depending on availability the locker will be in either The Study or Edith Morley.
  2. Pay the £5 deposit and provide your contact details to Reception.
  3. Reception will give a card and allocate a locker number to you.
  4. Take your card to the allocated locker and hold it against the GREEN light.
  5. Push locker door to open.
  6. To lock, push the door closed and hold the card to the light. A RED light will now be shown on the locker.
  7. To open the locker again, present your card to the light shown.
  8. If you have forgotten which locker you have, present your card to the central console and a GREEN light will flash to show your locker.
  9. When you have finished with your locker, return the card to RUSU Reception who will then un-assign the locker and return your deposit.


  • RUSU reserve the right to inspect lockers that have been unused for 14 days or more.
  • RUSU will endeavour to contact the user before inspecting contents; however, a full log will be made if an inspection is required.
  • If you know that your locker will be unused for 14 days or more, please inform Reception.
  • A lost card will be charged at £5. If you lose your card, please report to Reception who will provide access to the locker during normal office hours (9am to 4:45pm, Monday to Friday). In a dire emergency, access can be obtained via Campus Security.
  • Access to the lockers is subject to the opening times of the building.
  • 1 card = 1 locker
  • RUSU cannot be held responsible for loss of contents due to theft
  • RUSU cannot be held responsible for any loss of locker content
  • Lockers are used at the hirers risk


LOCKERS - Secure Storage for all Students

Available in The Study (24hrs) and Edith Morley

Various sizes available

Free to Use with a £5.00 deposit (refundable once card is returned to RUSU)

Daily use or for up to 2 weeks

Get you Card/Locker available from RUSU Reception Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm

Original Article

  • Last autumn we announced a new initiative – the RUSU £1m Capital Fund.
  • This Fund is a sum of money allocated annually by the University to be invested into capital projects that will help enhance the student experience here.
  • Each RUSU Officer team will be responsible for determining priorities for spend of the £1m Capital Fund for the following academic year (i.e. the year after the one they are serving Officers).
  • In December, following consultation with the current RUSU Officers, we announced six projects to be funded as follows:
    • An extension of The Study
    • The creation of a new Relaxation Zone
    • The installation of lockers on campus
    • Investment in personal capture technology
    • The development of a RUSU app
    • A new 3G sports pitch
  • Work is underway on all of these projects:
    • More than 60 lockers are due to be installed in August in Edith Morley and The Study.
    • Preliminary concept plans have been produced for the extension to The Study, with a target completion date of Summer 2019.
    • RUSU have identified the requirements of the new app in addition to possible suppliers. The NUS are due to launch a similar project this Summer we may negate the need for a RUSU app. More information on the exciting development will be made available soon.
    • We have set up a project team to manage the delivery of Personal Capture and we have started the procurement process. Our aim is for this to be launched in autumn 2019.
    • A Relaxation Zone has been built in the Union's upper 3sixty in conjunction with the refurbishment which will be equipped with massage chairs, bean bags and mood lighting.
    • The 3G pitch was initially under-costed at pre-feasibility stage. However we are still hopeful this project will continue and we will update you as soon as we have more information.