RUSU response to the library petition

Where Has Our Library Gone? Petition

RUSU are aware of the petition Where has our library gone?. We wanted to give you the latest information and let you know what we are doing to help.

To clarify, the current timescales for the library are:

  • 1st and Ground Floor opening September 2018
  • Full building opening September 2019

This means for a significant number of students their primary study space will be URS or the alternative study spaces which are available around campus until they graduate.

RUSU understand and are supportive of the concerns and (numerous) complaints students have with the current study space situation.

RUSU have:

  • Confirmed we are building an extension to our Study.
  • Successfully lobbied for the creation of over 100 additional study spaces within Halls of residence.
  • Successfully pushed for the creation of a Study Space Map to make those “1,500 spaces” better known.
  • Ensured that the rooms closed within URS during the week are opened again when the lecture theatre is not in use at the weekend.
  • Worked with the University to ensure Chancellors building is available as additional space when the URS reaches capacity at weekends.

Whilst the University has helped us with the above and it is a step in the right direction, it is by no means enough action from the University.

RUSU continue to:

  • Lobby for an accelerated completion of the main library by suggesting library renovation work continues over the weekend and not just weekdays.
  • Lobby for the Chancellors building (and others) to be opened for study space during non-teaching hours (After 6PM and all day at the weekends).
  • Lobby the University to continue and build upon giving prospective students explicitly clear information on open days, visit days, campus tours and online that for those joining the University in 2018/19, the main library will still be under renovation and will host no study spaces until its estimated completion in September 2019.
  • Work with the University on improving the Free Room Finder (including ability to see slots in hour windows).

Ed, your RUSU Education Officer met with Lucy Wright yesterday to discuss her petition and the next steps for it. They will be meeting with the VC this (Monday 4th) for further discussions.

Ed is also your main point of contact for study space issues and has been leading on many of the initiatives listed above, so please reach out to him at for further comments or information.

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