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3 Reasons to Run for a Part-Time Officer Role

“I now have the confidence to try and push for organisational change…”

Are you passionate about diversity and equal representation for all? Do you want to pay a key role in making the University of Reading a more inclusive place, all whilst meeting like-minded people and boosting your career prospects?

We’re looking for 11 Part-time Officers (PTO) to represent and liberate the rights of students who are under-represented or discriminated against.

But what’s in it for you? Hear from past PTOs on how the role beneficial to them:

Boost your career prospects with transferable skills

Becoming a Part-time Officer will grant you a number of fantastic opportunities to develop and enhance new skills that you may not get directly from your academic experience, which will look great on your CV and LinkedIn profiles.

Many of these skills are transferrable, and will be a huge asset to you in the future. Some examples include event planning, communication, content writing, design and campaigning. You will also significantly improve your leadership skills, as you will lead on the support networks RUSU runs for each student group.

There is scope for you to develop the skills you value most for your future career. Whether it be policy writing, media creation, or public speaking, we’ll give you the tools to develop your ideas for the benefit of all.

I think the skills I valued most were event organisation/management as well as creating change. I was lucky enough to be able to lead on policy writing in regards to our plastic straw policy, which was a big environmental win for the union and something I’m still proud of today. It gave me the basis to go on and write RUSU’s current Sustainability Policy alongside other staff (and former President Molli Cleaver!), and I now have the confidence to try and push for organisational change.

Kyle Smith, Environment & Ethics Officer 2017/18.

Put your passion into practice

Are you full of ideas on how to improve the student experience at Reading for students in an under-represented group? Now you have the chance to use your passion to create positive change!

As a PTO, you will have access to the resources and support to run new initiatives, such as campaigns and events. You’ll be able to attend important meetings on behalf of students, and lead on inclusive projects to improve the experience of members of their respective student group.

If you truly believe in the cause, you have the power and resources to make a real difference.

When writing your manifesto, put points that you truly believe in, things that you really want to see in the Uni – if you’re passionate about it, it will be easy to work on it.

Edda Pernice, LGBTQ+ Officer, 2019/20

Meet like-minded people

Being a PTO allows you to meet and connect with other students who have shared experiences (even if it is remotely at the moment!) You’ll work closely with the Diversity Officer, and you’ll also get to know other representatives (Full-Time Officers, Senior Reps and Course Reps to name just a few) from the University and beyond. Many of these contacts may provide references for you later down the line.

You will come together throughout the year to meet, share experiences and work together for the collective goal of making student life better for all.

In order to run for a Part-time Officer role, its important that you self-define on the RUSU website. This will not only allow you to run as a candidate for your student group, but also vote for who represents you.

Interested in being a Part-time Officer? You have until 5th February to put yourself forward. Find out more about the roles and how to apply at