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A message from your student officers regarding exam arrangements

Dear students

RUSU is here to represent your voice. Over the last week, it is clear we have not done this as effectively as we or you would have liked, so we owe you an apology.

With such a fast-moving global crisis, we have made representations to the University in an incredibly fast-paced and short space of time. We realise that it has been a challenge to keep up with student feedback in order to best represent your voice prior to key meetings taking place and we have not done enough to represent you in asking the University to adopt a no detriment policy. We recognise that at times we have got it wrong. We need to do more and we need to do it better, and respond in such a way that best reflects student voice despite the time pressures placed upon us all. We also want to improve our feedback to you around what we have been doing to represent the views you have already expressed so we can be more transparent with our members.

Please understand that over the last few weeks we have been continually expressing your concerns to the key University staff working on these projects and demand they respond to them. We have raised your concerns on matters such as health and wellbeing, finances, academic matters and more specifically the no detriment policy. Alongside this we have successfully pushed the University to give accommodation refunds for summer term.

Going forward:

  • We are bringing together all the issues you have raised, sharing them with the University, and ask they be considered when making decisions and responded to in order to keep the student body informed.
  • To ensure we remain transparent to our community, we will share these in an open letter format, so you know exactly what representations we are making on your behalf.
  • We have already been requesting that the University run a live Q&A so they can directly respond to your concerns; we will continue to push for this.

We have always valued and will continue to value your feedback and concerns about your University experience. We ask that you continue to share your feedback and concerns about your University experience and want to thank you for your feedback so far. Please keep sending them. Please be assured that we have always and will continue to monitor student feedback that is received directly from our members on the various official RUSU channels or indirectly through your RUSU Reps. Please note that due to the volume of communications, we are unable to respond individually but will make a more concerted effort to keep you better informed as outlined above.

We are working in unprecedented times and it has been extremely difficult to navigate our way through this situation. We understand you might be frustrated, stressed and in some cases angry. Please note that we recognise we have made some mistakes so please keep your words kind and constructive so we can go forward and represent your views more effectively.

We hope you understand that we acted in such a way that we believed was in the best interests of students, but this time we got it wrong. We care an incredible amount about the student community, so we hope you can accept our apology.

Zeid, Gemma, Molli, Fifi and Daisy

Your student officers 2019/20