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Ask for Angela 2019

Your Welfare Officer brings a national support system to RUSU!

The national #AskforAngela campaign began with the Metropolitan Police Service working with venues across London to help prevent and reduce sexual violence and vulnerability. Customers at a venue supporting #AskforAngela were able to use the code word ‘Ask for Angela” to signal to staff that they felt unsafe or threatened in a discreet way. In Summer Term 2019, Dan, our Welfare Officer, is bringing #AskforAngela to RUSU!

Dan has spent a lot of time as Welfare Officer providing welfare training to the Committees of student-led groups. He found that a lot of the Committees were not aware of the national campaign. Dan is hoping to give more exposure to the discreet system and how it works so it becomes a part of everyday life.

I thought, if you’re on the Committee and you’re not aware, it’s highly likely that your members won’t know either.

The aim of Dan’s #AskforAngela campaign is to increase understanding and awareness. In the near future, he will be reaching out to the University of Reading to address the possibility of having #AskforAngela informative displays in campus venues. Dan recognises that the majority of these displays would be inside the venues and has created vinyl window stickers so those outside will know that #AskforAngela is supported in our venues as well.

It’s a thing for everybody, regardless of gender.

Going forward, Dan plans to weave #AskforAngela into a lot more of the welfare training RUSU provides. It’s an ongoing campaign that RUSU’s Events team will be able to implement in the future. Dan recognises that #AskforAngela is closely linked to the Zero Tolerance policy within his manifesto, which focuses on having procedures in place to support people if they experience harassment or abuse.