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Black History Month 2020 | BAME Mental Health Media

For Black History Month 2020, we’ve put together a number of resources that explore mental health in the BAME community. Check out the media below for our suggestions!


This is Us – Amazon Prime

This Is Us tells the story of siblings Kevin, Randall and Kate as they work through various mental health challenges. Randall is highly successful, but the challenges he faces with mental health helps to normalise mental health struggles among Black people. It’s important to remember that mental health struggles don’t discriminate.


This series follows the lives of three Black millennials as they navigate their way through adulthood and battle their own inner giants such as sexuality, religion, and mental health.


Euphoria follows a group of high school students through their experiences of sex, drugs, friendships, love, identity, and trauma.

I May Destroy You

If you can't remember it, how could you consent? Resisting the label of sexual assault victim, Arabella takes on the painful, freeing climb to who she could be.


Black Gals Livin’ – Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Two girls, Vic and Jas, from London and Essex chat about mental health, pop culture, and ransom shenanigans in this podcast.

Time To Talk With Alex Holmes

Join Alex every week as he explores mental health, life, love, belonging, vulnerability, courage and connection with people that inspire him.

Social Media pages

Instagram - @therapyforblackgirls

The founder, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, is a psychologist and wants to break down the stigma that sometimes prevents Black women from seeing a therapist. She frequently uses pop culture to illustrate psychological concepts and does a Q&A on her podcast too!

Twitter - @blackinmh

Highlighting Black excellence in mental health throughout the world.


The Colour of Madness - Samara Linton

The Colour of Madness is a seminal BAME led & curated anthology, comprised of poetry, fiction, essays, memoirs, and art submitted by BAME writers, academics, mental health workers, artists and those still navigating life in the UK with mental health problems.

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