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Black Lives Matter

We stand against racism. We stand with our black community and call out those who have been allowed to get away with racism, violence and murder. We ask all our students to stand together against the injustice happening around the world.

On the 25th of May George Floyd was murdered in police custody. A police officer had his knee on George’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. George is not the only person to be killed while in police custody. We must not forget all the people that have been killed by people who let power and race go to their heads.

We as a community want to support our students who are affected by what has happened in Minneapolis. Please reach out and contact the University welfare team or use the welfare directory to find support. RUSU and the University have been working on the #NeverOk campaign to try and create a safe and inclusive campus for all. The #NeverOk campaign is aimed for people to report any incident they have witnessed or experienced in our community. So please, if you have seen or experienced anything you wish to report, contact us at to report the incident

We recognise the frustration our black students are undergoing. There are hundreds of cases of black people being killed by law informants. There are a continuous number of cases of black students being racially discriminated against in the education sector. We need to stand together to create change. We share your anger and will continue to stand with our black community.

We will be organising a vigil for any students and staff who wish to join us during this time. If you are unsure how you can support your friends, family, and loved ones during this time or you need some support yourself please see our guide on how you can support yourself, others and our black community. Information about the vigil will be communicated in due course.

I have written a letter to the local MP, using a template provided by human rights activist Zainab, with a list of requests asking them to stand with us against injustice and racism in the United Kingdom. I would encourage you to do the same.

We would like to show our support to our students and community so I would invite anyone that wants to get involved to send across a clip, audio or video, expressing anything you want to say in relation to the matter. If you would like to get involved, please email Zeid at

Zeid Sharif
RUSU Diversity Officer 2019/2020