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This is your last update about coronavirus from the 19/20 Full Time Officer team. This does not mean that the work stops there and the new Officer team have received a full handover which will enable them to continue speaking up for students and lobbying the University to increase the support available to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

Daily Government press conferences

RUSU has continued to submit questions to the daily press conferences asking what the Government are going to do to support students more on a variety of issues. You can do this too and it only takes 2 minutes to send your question:

MP letters

RUSU sent a letter to MP’s demanding four key priorities that the Government should respond to in order to provide more support to students. You can read about these here and even download a template to send to your own MP.

Black Lives Matter

In response to the BLM movement, Zeid has set up a student working group to better enhance the representation of Black students across our campus and to raise awareness and to achieve change on BLM. Additionally, Zeid has also sent a letter to MP’s condemning Trump for his actions against his people and to acknowledge that the UK isn’t better the US, alongside asking them what changes they need to make. He has also created a guide to being an ally.

Autumn term

An email will be going out to all students which provides an update on how RUSU might look in the Autumn term. It addresses questions such as how we will be keeping students safe, how to find support, and what Freshers Fortnight will look like.

Online committee training

Most sports clubs and societies have now completed training, including nearly 200 Welfare Reps completing their additional welfare training. Being online means it's more accessible and can be done at any time which helps students in different time zones, and will be available all year round for students to refer back to.

Study space

We have continued to raise concerns about the lack of study space available, particularly to PG students over Summer and for the resit period. We will continue to push for the Library to be open earlier than the beginning of September so you have an appropriate place to go and study for your assessments.

Safety in accommodation

We have worked to ensure that students are safe and supported when they arrive into Halls; this has included being part of the discussion to ensure students are provided with everything they need by the University if they have to go straight into quarantine when they arrive. RUSU is now focussing on providing a similar level of support to students going into private accommodation and advice as to how they can cope with the restrictions.

Support our Students

The scheme is still available for all students. If you feel like you have concerns that need answering, need some more support or just a friendly chat you can sign up quickly and easily using the form.

Sporting Excellence scholars

Daisy has been working with the Alumni and can confirm that the sporting excellence scholarship is available for 2020/21. She has agreed with SportsPark that if the gym re-opens on a booking system to allow for social distancing, SES students will be given first priority for gym slots.

Support our Students

The scheme is still open to any student and is planned to continue into the future as a way for students to be supported through their University experience. You can find out more and sign up here.


We have been working to ensure the University have a comms plan in place that provides students with all the information they need to start in the Autumn term. We have been pushing really hard for the University to identify social opportunities available to students as we know this is such a huge part of the student experience. You can see the work they have done so far on the latest section of the Essentials page.