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COVID-19 update: RUSU round up 3

This is just a small update from RUSU before the Easter closure period. As always, we want to hear about any concerns of how COVID-19 might impact you so please do get in touch via our main channels.

We have very recently received the University response to our open letters and to our Disabled Part Time Officers report. We will use the next few days to review this information and decide next steps. You can view the response to our open letter here and Charlotte’s letter here.

  • Vote result – RUSU has informed the University of the outcome of the vote that was held to determine our position on supporting a no detriment policy with a grade safety net. We informed the University that we would be pushing for an all grade safety net after the overwhelming amount of student feedback we received.
  • RUSU Advice Service – we are working with our Advice Service to understand the issues you are facing. The advisors are communicating broad themes of issues raised so we can either ask the University to respond or try to tackle them ourselves.
  • Consistency between Schools – we highlighted that some Schools have provided different information from other Schools, such as the length of exams. We have asked that the University find a way to ensure there is a consistent experience for students across all Schools.
  • Communication – now the FAQs are on the University Essentials page we have asked that they work to refine this information so that it is clear and easy for students to understand. We’ve asked if they can use social media more to communicate this information to aid with signposting students to the right place.
  • Supporting student staff – Even though our building is shut we will continue to support our student staff through this difficult time, ensuring they receive pay. We reminded the University again that we would like them to find a resolution that supports University student staff on zero-hour contracts.
  • NUS – we are investigating what is being done at a National level and look to NUS to see if there is anything more we can be doing to represent you.
  • Supporting our Students scheme – this collaborative scheme is now open to any student at the University who may need support, whether that be a friendly voice, advice or practical support for students in Halls. Any student at the University of Reading can access this scheme; you can find out more and sign up online.
  • RUSU says Relax – this is our yearly campaign that helps to support you during the exam period. Fifi and Gemma have been working hard to move this online and have some exciting activities planned so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Make your Mark – as part of Molli’s sustainability campaign, this month’s initiative focusses on being sustainability at home. Over the next month keep an eye out for inspiration on social media about how you can be sustainable from home!