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COVID-19 update – RUSU round up 4

COVID-19 update – RUSU round up 4

Here is a quick-fire update of what the Officers have done since the last round up to represent you.

No detriment campaign

After the Change It! vote Fifi, Education Officer, has led on this campaign with Molli, President, focussing primarily on the practical measures that were laid out in the Next Steps document that the Officers wrote. Many of these measures are ongoing but our immediate priorities are to ensure there is consistent and regular communication from the University to students around future plans and to produce a letter that RUSU, the University and students can send to local MP’s demanding more support. Fifi continues to push for a more sufficient answer from the University in relation to the safety net rationale and is part of the T&L working group that will focus on the specific support available to PG students over the Summer.

Improving the CIP

Fifi, Education Officer, has done a huge amount of work with the University to improve the Circumstances Impact process to ensure it is easily accessible and clear to every student if they are to complete their assessment.

Phased return for RUSU

we have formed 5 task force groups to respond to the situation:

  • Ensuring students have an effective voice on the issues they face.
  • Building a virtual student community to keep students connected.
  • Ensuring we support students and their wellbeing.
  • Supporting our staff and their wellbeing.
  • Ensuring RUSU is well positioned for the next 6-8 months (June > Dec 2020). The timing of when we begin to reopen all depends on Government advice and in coordination of when the University begin to phase their return. Staff and student safety will be a top priority.


We have been part of University discussion to ensure that finalists will be given the opportunity to celebrate properly with friends and family alongside the chance for their hard work to be recognised. We have been part of the process of planning Grad Ball, virtual July celebrations and putting forward the various proposals for the ceremonies.

Welcome Week

As there are still a lot of unknowns about the next few months we have been scenario planning for how Welcome Week might look and preparing alternatives if we have to move activity online. This includes creating a student journey for new students that outlines what they need to do in their first few weeks alongside thinking about the social opportunities for all students including the fayre’s, events and social spaces.

1in4 campaign

Welfare Officer Gemma’s welfare directory is now live and is a fantastic resource for you to find various internal and external contacts in one place who can provide you with the support you might need.

Relax with RUSU

The calendar is still running and is a great way to inspire you to take a break and look after yourself during this time.

Support our Students

The scheme is still available for all students. If you feel like you have concerns that need answering, need some more support or just a friendly chat you can sign up quickly and easily using the form.


We wanted to ensure that RUSU and the University showed its support towards our LGBT+ community by recognising IDAHOBIT. Zeid, Diversity Officer, created two videos about allies in our University community and experiences of being LGBT+. You can view these here.

Student Voice

We gave you a full update of what we’ve been doing for the last couple months in our first Virtual Student Voice which allowed RUSU to remain visible to its membership whilst giving you the opportunity to raise feedback with us.

Awards shows

The end of year activities awards are a true highlight of our year. We wanted to make sure you could still celebrate so Daisy, Activities Officer, moved the awards online which have had a huge 7000 views!

YUoR volunteer champions

Will work with local community groups and members of the community to assist with a range of different digital tasks where additional support and guidance is needed. You can find more info and sign up to be a student volunteer on the student community champions pagestudent community champions page.


The Officers will be handing over at the end of June to the new Officers and we want to ensure there is a smooth transition so they are able to pick up the work and continue to represent students effectively and with confidence. They attended our Trustee Board COVID-19 briefing and we have begun to plan a schedule of sessions for their induction.