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Change It! Ideas for Summer 2019

Here’s how our members want to improve student life.

Change It! is our platform for members to submit ideas on how to improve student life at the University of Reading. When a student joins the University of Reading they automatically become RUSU members.

Ideas submitted in April 2019 were taken to our Ideas Feasibility Group which decided on the most suitable direction; Action, Campaign, Policy, Reject or Referendum. The direction agreed upon was sent to RUSU’s Trustee Board, who added their own comments. Ideas which have been agreed upon as Campaign or Policy then go through to Student Voice.

Student Voice is a termly forum where our members set the direction of RUSU through debating Campaign and Policy ideas. Based on these debates, Campaign and Policy ideas go through to campus-wide voting. Also at Student Voice, Student Officers present their progress and take questions from attendees.

Ideas going through to Student Voice:

  • RUSU to campaign for the University to improve mental health support
  • RUSU to campaign for the University to add a subsidised amount to tuition fees for University Souvenirs
  • RUSU to campaign for lower cost of graduation gown hire

Come along to Student Voice on Thursday 16th May in 3sixty to have your say on these ideas.