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Chinese New Year 2019

From learning calligraphy to a traditional Lion Dance, Diversity Officer Nozomi has truly made a New Year to remember.

With students from China creating a significant portion of our international student members, Diversity Officer Nozomi knew Chinese New Year would be the perfect time to help them feel included in our community. We spoke with Nozomi to hear her reflections on the campaign.

Nozomi’s planned celebrations began on 1st February with the Chinese New Year Gala Dinner. This was held in collaboration with the Chinese Students and Staff Association (CSSA).

The Chinese Students and Staff Association do a dinner nearly every year. They were really glad that we helped with decorations this year to decorate RUSU. I spoke to them over the weekend and they said ‘really smooth running and everyone enjoyed it’.”

Next was a Calligraphy Workshop on 4th February, where students created their own greeting banner to decorate their Halls/House. Your Halls Life Team carried out the workshop in the common room of Sherfield Hall, St. George’s Hall, and Park Lounge.

That was really lovely to see people wanting to the learn the language and learn how the characters are written.

The local community gathered in 3sixty for Chinese New Year, on 5th February, for a traditional Lion Dance performance. Nozomi rounded out the event with dumplings, dim sum, red packets, calligraphy table and a photobooth.

It was really nice to see people bring their children and their parents as well, so it felt like a really nice community vibe. We had a lot more people than we expected as well, so it was just really nice to see people enjoying it and celebrating the holiday.

Finally, to sum up celebrations on 6th February, Nozomi held a Dumpling Workshop for students to create their own dumplings and take them home to eat.

The Dumpling Workshop has gone really well. We underestimated how many people would love dumplings! We had a bit of a dough disaster where we had to make more dough but it’s gone really well and people have really enjoyed it.” .

Nozomi would like to give the following advice to the next Diversity Officer if they would like to run a similar campaign:

It’s definitely always useful to look at what other student unions have done and feel inspired by that. I suppose take this year as a bit of a learning step and hopefully each we’ll do more events and more people participate until it becomes as big as our Christmas events!