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Get Your S**t Together – Graduate Career-Boosting Week

We know that planning for the future as an upcoming graduate is tough right now, so we’ve put together a week full of advice to help you get your s**t together.

From 8th – 12th February, we will help you to get thinking about all the different steps you can take to feel confident to when you graduate.

Throughout the week, Rachel Osborne, RUSU President, will be hosting a series of podcasts with the University of Reading careers team, that you can join and listen to live:

Live Podcasts

  • Feb

    Getting A Job

    Hear from Daniel Mitchel from the University Careers team on all the different ways you can get a job after you graduate.

  • Feb

    Working Out What I Want To Do

    Rachel will be speaking to Holly Forsyth from the University Careers team on how to figure out what you want to do after you graduate. From understanding your strengths to developing professional skills, this podcast will help you navigate the world of work

  • Feb

    Taking Time Out And Studying Abroad

    Thinking about taking a gap year? Rachel will talk to Careers Consultant Fiona Corby on the advantages and disadvantages of taking a gap year, the opportunities it affords you and how employers view a gap year.

  • Feb

    Climbing The Career Ladder

    Jobs have changed over the years, and career paths are not as linear as they used to be. Rachel and Tania Lyden, Careers Consultant, will discuss this and the support available to graduates.

  • Feb

    Retraining and Masters

    What if you have finished your degree, but don’t want to get a job in your field of study? Rachel will be talking to Daniel again on what retraining looks like, how to pursue a different path and the financial support you can receive.


Housing and Money Advice


RUSU Housing Advisor, Jane Taylor, has collated housing information for finalists, including what to do when your tenancy agreement comes to an end, what fees to expect and how the rental process differs as a non-student.

Jane has recorded a short podcast full of housing advice tips for life after uni with her. She answers all your worries about how to move out of your university house and into life as a graduate. Listen now on Spotify.


RUSU Money Advisor, Barbara Held, has also collated financial information for finalists detailing how to financially prepare for graduating, including information on student loans, council tax and bank accounts.

She’s also recorded a short podcast where she talks all things money. Worried about council tax? Income tax? Wonder what welfare benefits you may be entitled to? How and when to start repaying your student loan? Listen now on Spotify and find out!


Plus, our housing and money advisors will be sharing expert advice so you feel fully prepared to deal with graduate housing options, council tax, finances and paying back that student loan during our Q&A session on our Instagram on Wednesday 10th Feb.

Keep an eye on our social media channels throughout the week for more information on Get Your S**t Together Week.