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Introducing ROSIE

ROSIE the Robot logo

New for this year’s cohort of Course Reps we are introducing a new feedback tool called ROSIE which stands for Rep Online Student Impact Survey. Phew, it’s a mouthful but it does have meaning!

To find out more about how to use ROSIE, watch this quick YouTube video which explains all!

In the autumn term, over 250 Student Reps were trained to use ROSIE and over 293 utilised the tool in 2019, representing over 1647 of the student population. ROSIE provides Reps with a user-friendly way of gathering opinions about your experiences at the University of Reading; all feedback on all aspects of your student experience are welcome, from curriculum design to learning materials.

ROSIE is not a survey but instead asks three simple questions and was designed to help Reps do their job more effectively; primarily to use when talking with groups of students but individual students can also use ROSIE. Responses are valued and will help Reps represent your interests throughout the year at committee meetings (so if you don’t stand this year, your views can still be heard)!

All comments submitted by students will go directly to their RUSU Rep (either Course Rep, School/Senior Rep or Part-time Officer) and comments may also go directly to relevant staff in the University and Union.

Clear and concise responses are anonymous but enable Reps to communicate any feedback you have more effectively. Reps appreciate your feedback and use it when working in partnership with staff in the University and Union to improve your student experience.

To meet ROSIE and submit feedback, head to – don’t forget to select your Rep before you submit!