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It’s Awards Season at RUSU: Nominate someone to spread a little happiness

After such a challenging year, now is the perfect time to recognise staff and students across the university. We’re hoping that both the Excellence and the Student Experience Awards can spread some positivity and provide some time to reflect on the more uplifting moments of the last year and spotlight those in the UoR community that really helped make a difference to individuals or a collective group.

The Excellence Awards and the Teaching and Learning Showcase have become an annual tradition at RUSU, celebrating the often unsung members of staff that are working tirelessly to ensure students get the most from their time at university. This year we have increased the number of awards (we don’t know about you, but we need as much positivity as we can get right now!), meaning at least one member of staff from each school will be recognised. Support staff, academic tutors and staff pioneering diversity and inclusion in their work will also be included in the awards, meaning you’re not limited to just nominating lecturers – they’re open to everyone!

Every year, nominated staff express their thanks and gratitude at being recognised; it meaning even more that these awards are entirely student-led. Regardless of whether they are chosen as the winner of their category or not, staff find it so encouraging and meaningful that students have taken the time to share how they have felt inspired or supported by them, with 2020 winner Bob Rastall saying:

I do my job because I love working with students and helping them to realise their potential - I can’t think of a more rewarding job and it means such a lot to know that you are actually making a difference to people. The fact that this is based on student nomination makes it very special indeed.

Whilst the Student Experience Awards are only entering their third year, they are equally as important and rewarding. They aim to recognise the achievements of individual students and wider student groups or societies, highlighting the positive and outstanding impact they’ve had on fellow students. Like the Excellence Awards, there are new categories for this academic year, including ‘Best Volunteer Initiative’ and ‘Outstanding Campaign to Positive Wellbeing’.

Previous Disabled Students’ Part-time Officer Charlotte Hyde was awarded Volunteer of the Year in 2020 with her nominee saying:

Charlotte has proven to be the best representative of students with disabilities in her PTO role, her passion is contagious! It's this, along with her dedication and overall attitude that I believe have led to many successes this past year. She's a very active member of RUSU and is very approachable. I really respect her and what she's achieved!

The awards themselves along with the showcase events, help to start great conversations surrounding the student experience as well as highlighting best practice around the university, hopefully inspiring other schools and departments with their innovative ideas and practices.

Everyone has faced challenges over the past year, both personal and professional, so these small acknowledgements and words of kindness and thanks could just be the bit of positivity that everyone needs right now. There are thousands of staff and students working determinedly across the university, and we’d love to acknowledge them all but would need your nominations to do so!

Nominations for both awards are open until Friday 26th March and there is no limit on how many different individuals or groups you can nominate. More information, and the links to submit a nomination can be found on our website.

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