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LGBT+ History Month 2019

Safe spaces, sexual health, pronoun badges, and Glitterbomb!

Throughout February 2019, we celebrated LGBT+ history and milestones within the gay rights movement. We provided spaces for discussion and increased the awareness of STI testing services amongst LGBT+ students.

It’s really important to remember where the roots of our community are. Who started the movement towards our own rights and just remember the journey that our community has had to get to where we are today.

To begin our celebrations, Rob Noon (NUS LGBT+ Open Place Officer) led a workshop called ‘Pride is Political’. The workshop covered events and political acts prior to and after the Stonewall Riot. Rob was keen to hear the attendees’ experiences of LGBT+ events such as Pride – noting that attendees of these events are usually mixed with bittersweet feelings of happiness in being part of a community mixed with accessibility issues.

The workshop was really informative and a great session about LGBT+ History and why we have Pride events all across the country.

Rounding off the first week, RUSU partied in style with Glitterbomb: Miz Cracker as part of her IT’S TIME Tour. Glitterbomb events incorporate the crème de la crème of LGBTQ+ and offer themes such as Rugirls, Drag Performances, and Bombshell Dancers.

The following week, Nozomi ran lunchtime stalls which aimed to educate students and staff about LGBT+ History around the world and share the positive changes that have happened in various countries. These stalls also raised awareness about sexual health for all students, including the LGBT+ community.

We gave out 250 goodie bags to students with rainbow shoelaces, lanyards, and information about sexual health clinics in the Reading area.

To round off LGBT+ History Month, RUSU and University of Reading worked together to hold “Becoming a UoR LGBT+ Ally: Information and Recruitment Session”. This event provided staff and students a safe space to share their experiences with each other. There was also a focus on recruiting staff and students to become part of the LGBT+ Network at the University of Reading.