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#LetMe 2019

Your voices have been heard. Disabled Students' Officer Blythe is creating an Accessibility Report to present to the University.

Since the final week of Spring Term, Disabled Students’ Officer Blythe has been using #LetMe to raise awareness of accessibility problems around the University of Reading. After being approached by multiple students throughout the year asking for help with regular accessibility issues which interfere with education, Blythe knew it was time to produce a portfolio of evidence to present to the University. To achieve this, Blythe requested the help of students to evidence the issues and provide explanations of how they affect disabled students.

The most common three problems have been people taking up blue badge parking spaces without displaying the appropriate permits, accessible toilets failing to meet appropriate standards, and issues with entering buildings.

By utilising major social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, Blythe made her campaign accessible to the majority of students; enabling them to upload a photo with a quick explanation and #LetMe. Every single post and private message received have been saved and noted to include in the Accessibility Report, mentioning everything from boggy pathways to blocked lifts. Blythe is extremely happy that students from all departments and levels have submitted content, and believes students feel safe doing so as they have the option to remain anonymous within the Accessibility Report.

On Thursday 28th April 2019, Blythe held stall in RUSU with the support of dedicated friends. The sole purpose was to have face-to-face conversations with the students facing these very real issues. Topics of these conversations included the problems faced by disabled students and how abled-bodied students can help. Blythe found that once students were aware of her campaign, they were fully supportive and keen to get involved.

The #LetMe campaign will be running until Tuesday 30th April 2019. If you would like to get involved, all you need to do is take a photo of something on campus that could cause a problem for disabled people and upload it to Twitter with #LetMe and @RUSUDisability. Alternatively, please contact Blythe on Facebook or Twitter.