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Mojo's Mondays Returns!

Mojo’s Mondays exclusive with Rhiannon, RUSU’s Assistant Venue Manager!

We spoke with Rhiannon, RUSU Commercial Services Assistant Venue Manager to find out about Mojo’s Mondays and what’s coming up in the Summer Term:

Mojos hosted some fantastic events on Mondays during Spring Term! What exactly is Mojo’s Mondays and where did the idea come from?

Mojo’s Mondays is fun and different evening events that run on a Monday night in Mojos. I came up with the idea for the brand when I was given Monday nights to run events on when I joined RUSU. Themes of these nights have included live music, poetry and films. I try to run these as free entry events and open to the public so students can bring their out of town friends along for free

What are some of the most successful events in Mojo’s Mondays?

Our most successful ticketed event has been the Black Peaks tour on 21st January, a lot of hard work went into that, and we had over 100 people attend! The most successful non-ticketed was probably the November Night in, with live music from Joe Hicks & Sean Duggan. The Film nights are probably the most popular out of all the themes. Next upcoming film nights are on the 3rd and 10th June – Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

Which evenings have the Events team have enjoyed most and why?

I think the bar staff enjoy working the film nights as they get to watch films while they work. The student staff who normally work the live music nights all enjoy music as well.

Which evenings are the Events team most excited about for Summer Term?

The Events team are looking forward to The Amazons, Sven, and Retro Games & Cocktails

Which is the main event students should be looking out for in the Summer Term?

On the 13th of May, we’ll be running our first Retro Games & Cocktails Night, which will hopefully prove popular as the Pool tables will be free.

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