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NUS National Conference: NUS delegates update

NUS National Conference was supposed to be held in Liverpool from the 31st March to the 2nd April, however due to Coronavirus the conference was moved online. There were 5 delegates who represented students at the University of Reading. NUS National Conference is a great way to unite Student Unions’ and students from across the country and provide a space to raise student issues on a national level.

The agenda included voting in the Full Time Officer elections, the National Scrutiny Council elections and the Democratic Procedures Committee elections. The FTO election results were as follows:

  • National President – Larissa Kennedy
  • VP Further Education – Salsabeel Elmegri
  • VP Higher Education – Hillary Gyebi-Ababio

The National Delegates also had the opportunity to vote on 8 motions and an emergency policy. The motions and the results of these are as follows:


  1. Priority Policy 2020: Building A Movement to Transform Education – FOR
    All 6 sub-proposals were also passed.
  2. Let’s end this mental health crisis together, once and for all – FOR
    The sub-proposal was also passed.
  3. Declaring a Climate Emergency – Green New Deal for FE and HE – FOR
    The 2 sub-proposals were also passed.
  4. International Students Support and Experience – FOR
    The 3 sub-proposals were also passed.
  5. Fire safety, late buildings, accessibility and affordability the need for a national student housing campaign – FOR
  6. Parity in Healthcare for Students! – FOR
    The sub-proposal was also passed.
  7. Ending exploitation while studying – FOR
    The 3 sub-proposals were also passed.
  8. Ending Securitisation, Surveillance and Prevent – FOR

Reading National delegates voted FOR all 8 policies and the Emergency Policy as they were all deemed a priority for Reading students.

What happens next?

NUS will be expected to develop these policies and plan how they will meet the aims laid out.

NUS delegates were asked to vote on the reports submitted by NUS. Reports and results are as follows:

  • Democratic Procedures Committee Report – FOR
  • Deputy Returning Officer Report – FOR
  • Financial Estimates – FOR
  • NUS UK Board report – FOR
  • Officer Executive Plan for Action 2019/20 report – FOR
  • Ratification of student directors – FOR

If you would like any more information about National Conference or NUS, head to their website or get in touch with a RUSU Full Time Officer.