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Need a UK rent guarantor?

Helping students secure housing guarantors.

During Spring Term 2019, Nozomi, RUSU Diversity Officer 2018/19, launched the Housing Guarantor Scheme. We spoke with Nozomi to find out what’s happened so far:

We’ve been hearing great things so far about the Housing Guarantor Scheme. Can you explain exactly what the Housing Guarantor Scheme is?

The Housing Guarantor Scheme has been set-up by RUSU and UoR in partnership with a company called YourGuarantor. YourGuarantor acts as a UK rent guarantor for students renting in the private sector who do not have a UK-based guarantor. The scheme is open to undergraduates, postgraduates and overseas students (EU and Non-EU). Therefore, making it easier for students who would like to live in a private rented student house.

Who have you worked with to make the Housing Guarantor Scheme happen?

I worked with the Property Services Director at the University of Reading to create the partnership with YourGuarantor.

How did you know the Housing Guarantor Scheme was necessary for students at the University of Reading?

The idea for this scheme was started by the 2016/17 Diversity Officer. We have continuously heard from students about housing difficulties and understand the stress of it ourselves. Not having a UK-based guarantor can create even more stress which we don’t believe students should be dealing with simply because of their background. Hence, the idea for the Housing Guarantor Scheme was proposed and I am delighted to have been able to launch it this year.

How can students at the University of Reading access the Housing Guarantor Scheme?

When asked for advice he would give to Gemma, the next Welfare Officer, if she wanted to run a similar campaign, he said:

They can find out more about it on the Housing Guarantor Scheme webpage.

What does the future for the Housing Guarantor Scheme look like?

This scheme will be continued for the foreseeable future, as long as it’s needed, the service will be provided.