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REP Fest: Tues 9th – Thus 11th March 2021

Rep Fest 9th March to 11th March. Online and open to all students

Historically, every year RUSU runs the Annual Representation Conference A.K.A Rep Conference in the Spring term to re-connect with its Student Reps after the holidays and run relevant workshops for personal development opportunities.

This year, as we all know, has been very different – so we wanted to give the Rep Conference a refresh, now to be known as Rep Fest (online and open to any students to attend)!

The RUSU Rep team and RUSU Education Officer, George Ingram wanted to put on a programme of workshops that any RUSU Rep or student could benefit from and the theme this year is ‘wellbeing in our community’.

It’s been a tough and tricky year for many so this is why we’ve brought those knowledgeable in their field and experts to speak to you including internal RUSU & UoR staff and our external speaker, Life Coach and Conflict Resolution Specialist, Jeffrey Wotherspoon.

We’re excited to have Jeffrey as our guest speaker this year as he has worked with clients such as Sony Music Entertainment, GE Finnamore, National Education Union (NEU) and London & Quadrant Group (L&Q Group), to name a few.

Jeffrey’s background is in youth work, with extensive experience in the criminal justice system. Over the years he has worked on the frontline with some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people and is excited to speak to students at Reading, so get ready to engage with him on your experiences!

Take a look at the schedule below for the details. For each workshop or event you attend you will be entered automatically into a prize draw to win one of three £50 Love2Shop Vouchers!

Jeffrey Wotherspoon

What’s the schedule?

DAY 1 Tuesday 9th March

Workshop 1 – RU P***ed Off?! Campaigning Workshop

Time: 2-3:30pm
Facilitator: Campaigns & Policy Coordinator, Abiee Harris

The RUSU guide to campaigning (and not just complaining). We can all see things that need to change but aren’t always sure how to make it happen. This workshop will guide you through building an effective campaign plan so you can create positive action on your course or within your school.

Workshop 2 – Wellbeing Workshop

Time: 4-5pm
Facilitator: Campaigns & Policy Coordinator, Abiee Harris

Wellbeing has become a bit of a buzzword in the last few years but what does it really mean? This session will explore what wellbeing is and how you can keep on top of yours.

Event – AGM (Annual General Meeting)

Time: 6-8pm
Facilitator: RUSU CEO, Ryan Bird & Student Officers, Rachel Osborne, George Ingram, Rachel Wates, Bandy Karki & Alex Rose

The Big RUSU Update is RUSU’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). RUSU’s AGM is an annual gathering of students and staff to celebrate RUSU’s impact, hear about the plans for the upcoming year, and vote for matters requiring member approval.

There are also fantastic giveaways on the night – when you get your free ticket, you will be entered into a raffle draw with huge prizes, including an Amazon Echo Dot, Instax Mini Camera and George Forman Grill. You will need to attend the AGM in order to claim a prize.

DAY 2 Wednesday 10th March

Workshop 3 – Partnerships & Programmes

Time: 11:30-12:30pm
Facilitator: Victoria Bundy, Curriculum Framework Project Officer & Nina Brooke, Academic Developer, CQSD, UoR

This 60 min workshop will outline the key principles behind your academic experience. Work in partnership with us to unpack and re-construct what and how you learn on your programme.

Workshop 4 – Policies 101: Holding the Uni to Account

Time: 12:45-1:45pm
Facilitator: RUSU Education Officer George Ingram & Professor Clare Furneaux, Teaching and Learning Dean, UoR

Discover best practice and challenges across the university and key policies Student Reps need to know: changes to the student representation policy, how the uni react to student voice, plus ECFs. And, does your school take inclusivity seriously and how can you hold the university to account?

Workshop 5 – Building Resilience: How to Manage the Uncomfortable

Time: 2-3:30pm
Facilitator: Life Coach and Conflict Resolution Specialist, Jeffrey Wotherspoon

From the field of early years (0-5 years old) through education and into the professional working world, resilience is something we need to help us thrive in whatever stage of life we find ourselves and appropriately manage any challenges we may face. Most importantly resilience helps us in our personal and professional lives.

This 90-minute workshop led by Executive and Life Coach Jeffrey Wotherspoon is designed to give you the skills you need to feel empowered when facing challenging situations and ensure you have tools that when applied can help you to problem-solve.

By attending this workshop, you will learn:

  • Applying a Growth Mindset approach to resilience
  • Strategies to become more resilient
  • Learn how to address challenges you face in life
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs
  • 4 key takeaways to consciously build resilience

DAY 3 Thursday 11th March

Workshop 6 – Stress: How to Manage It Well

Time: 2-3:3:30pm
Facilitator: Life Coach and Conflict Resolution Specialist, Jeffrey Wotherspoon

Stress is something that affects everyone. It causes students to feel overwhelmed with their studies, accounts for huge percentages of absences at work and can negatively impact our mental and physical health. Simply said if you do not take a proactive step to manage stress it could have terrible consequences.

This 90-minute workshop led by Executive and Life Coach Jeffrey Wotherspoon looks at what stress is and explores some of the benefits as well as the negative impacts of stress. Most importantly this workshop will provide you with practical tools you can implement to manage stress.

By attending this workshop, you will learn:

  • how stress can aid you
  • what to look out for to manage stress
  • how stress can impact you physiologically, emotionally & mentally

Workshop 7 – Community Workshop

Time: 4-5pm
Facilitator: Impact & Community Coordinator, Bethany Brown & Project Manager, Molli Cleaver, UoR

Find out the best ways to get involved and connect with your local community. Our very own former President Molli Cleaver and Impact & Community Coordinator Bethany host this interactive session that will leave you feeling more part of the Reading community!