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RUSU Full-time Officer Team Changes

The RUSU’s Leadership Elections are coming up! 

Nominations open today.

RUSU, your students' union, is a student-led, independent charity. Every year, you are invited to elect the team who will lead RUSU and represent you. This team includes your Full-time Officers, Part-time Officers, Rep team and Student Trustees.

Recently we invited an external company to review the structure of our Full-time Officer team. Some of you will be involved in this review process which invited feedback from students and staff and helped us to think about what we want this team to look like going forward. 

As a result of this review we have made a few changes to the Full-time Officer team, including changing some of the role titles to reflect the broader changes to each role.

So, what has changed?


This role has become team leader, responsible for leading and coordinating the work of the team. They will also be the lead representative for the University and other key stakeholders.

As team leader, the President is responsible for coordinating and leading the Full-time Officer team on the delivery of their priorities. They are the lead representative to the University and key external stakeholders, and are responsible for oversight of RUSU’s commercial service and communications. They also take a lead on all aspects of governance and democracy and RUSU’s environmental and sustainability work.

This role was previously called Diversity Officer, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) still sits with in this role and the remit has also expanded to include more communities work. 

Lead officer for all liberation-based work; promoting and developing equality, diversity and inclusion on campus. They work with student communities, support campaigns and create links with the local community and local interest groups.

This role has been broadened to include, and look strategically at, more of the wider student experience and skills development.  

Lead officer for all aspects of the student extracurricular experience. This includes the development and promotion of Sporting and Society activities, Media Streams, Raising and Giving (RAG) and Volunteering opportunities. They also create initiatives to help you with your professional skill development and lead on events and activities that promote extra-curricular opportunities and skills development.

Lead officer on all aspects of teaching and learning; their main aim is to improve the student academic experience. They work closely with the University and RUSU’s academic representatives and lead on academic-related campaigns and initiatives.

Lead officer for all aspects of student wellbeing and support. They push the University and RUSU to help solve issues currently affecting students and develop and lead on key welfare campaigns and projects, as well as developing new initiatives in response to student feedback.

Nominations open today and we'd love to invite you to think about putting yourself forward for a role. 

You can find all of the role descriptions, as well as a timeline for elections, on our website. Or, you can get in touch with one of our full-time officers to talk about the roles in more depth, or email us at for more information.