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RUSU celebrates International Women’s Day 2019

Motivated by the global International Women’s Day campaign #BalanceforBetter, Nozomi, Diversity Officer, and Abi Ravichanthiran, Postgraduate School Rep, aimed to raise awareness of women who have inspired both students and RUSU staff.

Bringing #BalanceforBetter to RUSU, Nozomi and Abi encouraged students and staff to highlight women who have made a difference in their lives. To document this, Abi proposed the idea of an interview-style video. The global campaign #BalanceforBetter focuses on building a gender-balanced working world; Nozomi and Abi addressed this by creating the video to showcase our professional community featuring a variety of students and staff.

We met to discuss themes and ideas and we decided to create a short video surrounding the #BalanceforBetter International Women’s Day theme.

Their #BalanceforBetter video incorporates the opinions of the diverse range of students and staff within RUSU and reveals a variety of both professional and personal relationships. As with any project that requires a variety of people to take part, the team worried about not getting enough participants. Their concern was soon forgotten when the idea of the video spread and more people began to support the project.

I was so happy to see so many people want to get involved!

To date the video has received over 1,500 views on Facebook, with many members of the local community sharing, and is currently the featured video on RUSU’s Youtube Channel.

As an addition to #BalanceforBetter, Catherine, RUSU Women’s Part-Time Officer, hosted an evening of talks featuring students, staff, National Union of Students Women’s Officer and local community members called ‘Sisters Let’s Talk’.