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RUSU response to exams communications

We wanted to address your concerns about the exam period.

RUSU have been working closely with the University to ensure a fair and supportive outcome for all students during the exams. Our top priority is to ensure that no student is disadvantaged by the impact of COVID-19. Further information will be released by Friday, but as you’ll all have seen some information has been circulated today.

The decision has been made to offer students the option to defer taking their exams before, at the time of, or upon receiving the results of exams. This is to ensure maximum flexibility for students and that any circumstances (whether COVID-19 related or not) can be mitigated for.

RUSU is supportive of the University’s approach to exams this year. We believe this decision has been made in the best interests of students because the approach minimises the impact on a student’s finance, welfare and academic wellbeing.

For non-finalists, this may lead to the progression of students who otherwise would not progress. If they later do not progress or struggle academically, students may then have significantly extended both their tuition and maintenance debts, which goes without saying is both a financial and mental burden.

For finalists, this may have an impact on the standard and integrity of the degrees being awarded, and RUSU want to ensure that the degrees awarded to students are recognised by both employers and professional bodies.

A policy such as ‘no detriment’ would in some instances lead to an inaccurate reflection of a student’s degree classification which RUSU believes is not in the best interests of any students.

Where other institutions have announced a ‘no detriment policy’ in many cases this is only in name. The policy under development at Reading that is going to be released this Friday aims to address your concerns around student wellbeing and the impact of COVID-19 on exams.

If you have any questions we are more than happy to answer where we can. We have asked the University to host a live Q&A session to ensure your concerns are answered

We want to remind you we will only respond to recognised channels of communication if you wish to voice your concerns, these being: Officer email, RUSU Enquiries, Officer work profiles, through Course and School Reps and the RUSU Advice Service. This is a constantly changing situation and we are working incredibly hard to ensure students are well represented in a very short turnaround time.

As always, RUSU will not respond to social media pages such as Reading Fess so if you have a concern please contact us directly.