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Reclaim the realm

We fought valiantly

As Spring Term drew to a close, 29 brave Reading Knights Clubs travelled to long-time rivals, Oxford Brookes. Our Varsity veterans were glad to welcome first-timers Cheerleading and Futsal into the Reading Knights legion.

We’d like to give a special shout out to Badminton, Softball, American Football, Men’s Football, Equestrian, Clay Pigeon Shooting, and Ultimate Frizbee who finished with outstanding victories. Despite valiant efforts, the overall score was 37.5 – 17.5 to Oxford Brookes.

Varsity will be returning to Whiteknights campus next year. What makes Varsity in Reading so great?

  1. Community – Everything happens on one campus in one day
  2. Capacity – Pitches, fields, courts and more
  3. Food – Last year we served whole roast dinners for players
  4. After party – The biggest nightclub in Reading is right here in RUSU
  5. We’ve heard a rumour that Brookes actually prefers our setup…

We’re looking to introduce a range of new sports next year, making Varsity bigger and better for you. Rally up your squires, polish your armour and mount your noble steed.