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Relax with rusu’s top insta accounts to follow

Relax with RUSU

How many hours a day do you spend mindlessly scrolling? Be honest… We all do it so why not make some of the inevitable scrolling a little more positive and a little bit more mindful?

We have found some great, positive Instagram accounts to follow to help put you in a good mood, feel a little more motivated and inspire you to try something new. Have a look:


Some of the posts from these people make our mouths water! Just don’t get too much food envy!










If anyone can inspire me to get up and get moving these people can!








We all need a bit more positivity in our lives at the moment. These accounts shine some light on what is good in the world!










These accounts show you how to take a minute to be more aware of the world around you. Some even have mindfulness activities too!