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Speak Up Stay Safe 2019

Taking your travel safety suggestions to the University of Reading.

Speak Up, Stay Safe is a campaign introduced this year by Dan, our Welfare Officer. This campaign focuses on highlighting issues found on commutes to and from the University of Reading. The issues reported on will be communicated to the University of Reading or the relevant council, either Wokingham or Reading Borough.

In November 2018, Dan asked students via social media to get in contact with him through email or by visiting during his office hours on Wednesdays. He also attended Student Networks led by RUSU’s Part-Time Officers to ask for contributions. At the Student Networks Dan took along maps to asked attendees to highlight areas which needed attention, he wrote down their thoughts and received emails.

I’ve be getting a lot of information from students which I will be collating into a report and taking it to the University of Reading Committee at the end of April.

Crossings at Halls is something that comes up a lot, including Whiteknights Road for Wessex and Bridges, and Upper Redlands Road for the Park Group. The University of Reading is already taking action to have paths widened across campus. Another common suggestion is cycle paths.

Earlier in the Spring Term, Dan led a conversation on student safety during Student Voice and believes the discussion had was incredible rich because of the high level of attendance. The conversation was minuted and Dan will be presenting this to the Committee as part of his report.

It’s been really good, so thank you to everyone who’s contributed so far.

Recently Dan met with the team who oversee the development of the campus and are currently widening the paths. From Dan’s understanding, the team have very positive links with the local councils because of the work they do in the University of Reading. The team have said they are very keen to get a copy of Dan’s report, once it has gone to the relevant Committee, and see what they can do it work it into their communications with the local councils. Dan has high hopes that this will enable students’ suggestions to be actioned quicker.

Considering the future of Speak Up Stay Safe, Dan would like to give the following advice to all students at the University of Reading:

Just because the campaign may finish this year, if you still have an issue please contact either myself or when I’ve left the role, Gemma (Welfare Officer 2019/20). I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to take any responses to the University of Reading as well.