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Student Covid Review Report

In October, we launched the Student Covid Review, an initiative focused on gathering students' thoughts on how the 1st Coronavirus outbreak was handled by the University of Reading. Asking questions around teaching delivery, what’s available online, quality and value for money, we wanted to know what students thought of the main themes in this new university experience.

We were pleased as by its closure three weeks later, we had incredible engagement which was unparalleled to other initiatives run by RUSU and a plethora of text comments directly from students.

With all this information, RUSU was incredibly well equipped to identify exactly what issues students faced, and make recommendations on how to remedy these in the future situations that may force the university to close. Additionally, we’re confident that this report will inform decisions surrounding mitigation in the continued presence of COVID.

In the spirit of transparency, I am grateful to be sharing this report and the efforts that have come from the Student COVID Review. Thank you to everyone who was able give their input, as this has allowed RUSU to represent students even more accurately.

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Based off your feedback, we are recommending that the university:

  • Has more collaboration with RUSU to create events & initiatives that subsidise the student experience, in an attempt to ensure it is diminished as little as possible.
  • Ensure there is appropriate support for areas of the organisation under more strain due to COVID, so that operations can continue as smoothly as possible.
  • In the face of mitigation being needed due to national crises, ensure that no student is left behind and have those policies cover everyone.

Your Education Officer,

George Ingram