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Student Money Week 2019

RUSU’s Advice Service helps students develop financial minds.

From 18th to 22nd March, RUSU’s Advice Service teamed up with the University of Reading for a week-long campaign called Student Money Week. The campaign was inspired by the National Association of Student Money Advisers’ National Student Money Week (NSMW), an annual campaign where universities work together to bring free money advice to students across the UK.

National Student Money Week focuses on boosting students’ financial capability and assisting them in developing essential money skills. Above all else, the campaign built students’ confidence in their personal finances. With their Student Money Week campaign, RUSU’s Advice Service team aimed to help students develop good money habits with the opportunity to have heart-to-heart discussions about their financial situation.

This year's Money Week was all about increasing students’ financial resilience by helping them to develop good money habits. Students are better off by £68,050 from seeing the RUSU Money Advisers to date this year.Including the other areas of Advice, students are better off by £77,897.60 so far this year.

As a key part of their campaign, RUSU’s Advice Service team held a stall in RUSU on the Monday and Friday. The stall had a range of activities to participate in, including ‘The Taste Test Challenge’. This Challenge tested whether or not the participant could tell the difference between branded and non-brand products, with the goal of teaching you do not need to purchase expensive brands for great tasting food.

Finally, RUSU’s Advice Service team had a range of informative postcards and magazines for students to take away. Their postcards included five recipes for under £1 per portion and ways for students to contact the team.