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The Advice Service says Relax with RUSU

We, as an Advice Service, are here to support you with a number of issues related to academic; housing or money concerns. We are a free and confidential service that is separate and independent from the university. Feel free to contact us by emailing

Revision Tips

  • Drink plenty of water and eat regularly
  • If you’re able to, go for walks or runs
  • Take regular breaks and schedule your day
  • Use different learning methods
  • Set a to-do list each day
  • Reach out for help if you need it
  • Speak to family and friends if you’re struggling or worried
  • Make time for non revison activities


Should I be prioritising my exams or my coursework at the moment?

This is a difficult question and varies from person to person. If you have concerns about what to prioritise, speak to your Student Support Coorindator and/or Academic Tutor for subject specific advice and for general support around prioritisation contact Study Advice at

Where can I get help if I’m confused or struggling?

There is a huge support network available to you so please do feel free to reach out for help. Below is a list of useful contacts:

Why can’t I submit an ECF?

The university have recently changed their extenuating circumstaes process so the option to submit an EC form is no longer available on RISIS. Instead, please make use of the “Circumstances Impact Process (CIP)” where you can request extensions and defer exams. CIP can be accessed via RISIS.

What to do if I’ve not heard back from my CIP request and my coursework deadline is tomorrow?

Please do try and plan ahead when requesting an extension on your coursework so that you have confirmation of your request well within your deadline. If you submitted a CIP request close to your coursework deadline then it’s likely you might not get an answer straight away. We’d advise emailing your Student Support Coorindator - Find yours on the University of Reading Essentials page if you are worried about your outcome.