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University of Reading Travel Survey 2022

Every two years the University of Reading undertakes a travel survey to help review and inform our travel planning. The 2022 survey is now open, and you are invited to complete it. We want to understand your travel patterns, assess opinions, and gather new ideas. 

Please visit where you will find further details of how to complete it. The survey is open from 5-21 January 2022.

These surveys form a key part of our travel planning and many improvements have been made around our campuses as a direct result of ideas gathered from them. The 2022 survey will play an important role informing the new University Travel Plan which will be written during 2022. Don’t delay – make sure you have your say!

By completing the survey, you will have the chance to enter our draw to win a fantastic prize – a £200 Eurostar voucher or 1 of 5 £10 catering vouchers!