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We’re here for you: RUSU’s next steps

RUSU has considered the University’s response to our two open letters which raised student concerns. The Full time officer team and Charlotte, the Disabled Students Officer have worked together to respond to the letter. We have come up with practical steps we recommend the University should take, and that RUSU will take, to support students in order to mitigate against the impact of COVID-19.

We are asking the University to consider the following suggestions and respond to our requests:

  1. CIP process
    The University to review the accessibility of the CIP process. In its current form there is a heavy emphasis on evidence which may mislead students. Simplifying the information would make it more accessible and less intimidating.
  2. Safety net rationale
    The University to explain the rationale behind the 40% safety net so students are able to understand the decision. Schools to make students aware of which modules are covered.
  3. Resit plans
    The University to finalise and share plans for resits as soon as possible so students can make informed decisions about deferring their exams.
  4. Communication platforms
    The University to share important information daily on their social media channels, to increase engagement and accessibility. Create a link from the University homepage, taking students straight to the Coronavirus Essentials FAQ page.
  5. Information sharing
    The University to effectively share important information with all staff and ask all academic tutors to individually reach out to students. The University to review their email responses to students to ensure messaging is relevant, personal and individualised where possible.
  6. Finalist support
    The University to write a letter that students can send to employers, highlighting a need for understanding during the current situation and how COVID-19 may have an impact on finalist results. This may help reassure finalists who are concerned about their results.
  7. PG students
    The University to consider PG students separately to UG and to highlight additional measures put in place to support them, particularly through the Summer period.
  8. Government support
    University to sign RUSU's template letter to send to local MPs, urging the Government to provide more support for students.

RUSU focussed practical measures that we will implement:

  1. RUSU Advice Service
    RUSU to communicate more widely how the Advice Service can support students, including helping students to understand their rights and ability to complain.
  2. Understanding support
    RUSU to help students understand the quickest pathway to finding help by producing FAQs on the RUSU website so students can quickly find the help they need.

We continue to welcome feedback from students that may add to these practical measures, so please reach out through our main channels or to the Disabled Students’ Officer if you have any further concerns.