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We are a society run by and for LGBT+ students. We are an inclusive group - anyone who identifies as a sexual and/or gender minority is welcome to join us.

Membership is free for members who are students at the University of Reading (including ERASMUS and other students on a placement scheme) and there is an £8.15 membership fee for associate members (non-students or students completely external to UoR).

Our primary goals are to work to create a social place for people that define as LGBT+ within/around the university, as well as to campaign for the increased visibility of LGBT+ peoples within our local and global communities. 

Our vibrant society runs frequent and varied weekly socials, campaigns and coffee hours every Monday and Thursday from 1-2pm, on the main Whiteknights campus. It provides students with the opportunity to meet and build relationships with each other, in a relaxed, non-drinking (by this we mean no alcohol!) environment. 

In 2017-2018 academic year, we ran several drinking and non-drinking socials, beginning with a white t-shirt social during Freshers Week, as well as quizzes, bingo and so forth. The most succesful events of the year were Student Pride in London, which included a night out in Heaven, London and an overnight stay, and the LGBT+ Prom in March. 

For this coming academic year, we have many plans for our society and our socials. We would like to become integrated with other LGBT+ friendly societies on campus, providing opportunities to hold several more non-drinking socials such as sports and crafts. We are also planning to attend Student Pride again this year, as well as arrange our LGBT+ Prom. 

Anyone wishing to join our closed Facebook group must sign up as a member here on RUSU, before their membership can be approved. 

If you have an queries or concerns about the LGBT+ Society, please email us at Any welfare issues you can either contact us, or email the LGBT+ Part Time Officer at All issues will be handled confidentially, so there is no need to worry about sending your problems to us. We check it daily so will be able to offer help as soon as possible.


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