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Your Reps

As your Course Reps we are elected students who represent you and your views on academic issues. Course and Faculty Reps work alongside the Education Officer to ensure the student voice is being heard by the University and positive changes are being made throughout every department.

With a team of over 300 Course Reps and 13 Faculty Reps, we work to ensure the University provides the best possible academic experience for all students!

We sit on Staff Student Liaison Committees and may also sit on the Board of Studies.



Hi All.

It's the final SSLC meeting next Tuesday. Firstly a reminder for all course reps. to please attend or send Carol apologies.

Secondly, for everyone else to please raise any concerns with your course rep to bring to the meeting. Also any positive feedback you want shared with the committee. Any questions please message myself (if you don't have a course rep) or your course rep.

Details of the reps. below:

Year 1- Matthew Blackie
Year 2- Edward White and Emma Hallett
Year 3- Celeste Thwaites

Year 1- Melissa Ilic
Year 2- Susie Fullarton and Jack Fosberry

Year 1- Sophie O'Rourke
Year 2- Nia George and Oz Wedmore
Year 3- Benjamin Fisher and Oli Stone-Houghton

Year 2- Ellie Miller
Year 3 - Ellie Chapman

Year 1- Marc Moss
Year 3- Yin Tung Lam and Jack Bradley


What We Want From You!

  • Let us know what you love about your course

  • Tell us what you feel needs changing and why

  • Give us your ideas to take to the Student Staff Liason Committee Meetings

Just a few things that might be disscussed include:

Assessment / Lecturers / Contact Time / Module Choice / Module Content / Feedback


What We Do For You!

  • Take your ideas and concerns to the Student Staff Liason Committee

  • Represent you so everyone can be heard


Email us or speak to us in person!

Ben & Oli



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