RUSU Representation & Diversity Awards

About the Representation & Diversity Awards

Diversity Event of the Year

Attended an event where you learnt a lot about diversity; about different backgrounds, cultures or issues. Did it help bring people from different backgrounds together? These are the kind of events that we want you to nominate for Diversity Event of the Year; events that have been successfully organised, engaging and creative. Please state the name of the event you wish to nominate and the reasons for your nomination.

Campaign of the Year

Know a student that has gone the extra mile to make a positive change for their fellow students? Have you been impressed by a particular students’ efforts to improve the university experience? Now is your time to give them the recognition they deserve. It may be a student that has run a very visible campaign on campus which has impacted on the lives of many students or it could be a student who has worked tirelessly and perhaps under the radar to help improve the university for students on their course, on campus or in their community. Nominate a student that you think deserve this recognition – whether the impact was big or small, we want you to help recognise and celebrate those students. Please state the name of the student you wish to nominate and your reasons for your nomination.

Campaigner of the Year

Seen a campaign that has stood out? Experienced the impact of a campaign so good, you can’t remember student life without that change? This award is to recognise those campaigns which have successfully promoted and publicised an issue or cause. Whether this campaign was big or small, we want to see your nominations! Please state the name of the campaign you wish to nominate and the reasons for this nomination.

Award for Outstanding Contribution to Representation

Has there been an individual who has gone above and beyond to be active within the liberation and representation sector? Do you feel they deserve recognition? Have they made an impact on your student life? This award recognises individuals who have shown the commitment, dedication and passion they have given to their representation role.

Please state the name of the individual you wish to nominate and the reasons for your nomination.

Do you know someone who should be recognised and awarded for their achievements this year? Do you know someone who has organised an event or worked tirelessly to make or attempt to make positive change? Do you know someone who has dedicated much of their time to representing others or someone who is an amazing rep?

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